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Berlin Sophie – mild caraway

This liqueur from the monastery distillery proves that caraway is really easy to drink. Its mild, spicy taste, carefully selected ingredients and traditional production make our Berliner Sophie so popular. A timeless classic!

Alcohol content: 35.00%

Sr. Regula - Fiery Ginger

Anyone who loves the slight spiciness of fresh ginger and swears by its positive properties cannot ignore our sister Regula. This liqueur combines local distillery tradition with an exotic touch in a particularly successful way. A fiery fresh experience!

Alcohol content: 25.00%

Angelina - Crunchy Hazelnut

This liqueur combines the best of hazelnuts with regional ingredients and genuine Harz distillery craftsmanship. Our Angelina is simply unmistakable - a crunchy, fresh nut experience that can be combined in so many different ways ensures its absolute favorite status.

Alcohol content: 25.00%

Persimmon Quince - Beguiling quince

Luminous fruits ensure the fresh lightness of this liqueur specialty. The quince as a symbol of beauty, love and fertility has been somewhat forgotten today - our liqueur brings the special qualities of this fruit back to life and ensures tasty moments.

Alcohol content: 25.00%

Pater Jacob – Fruit & Herbs

The 40% Pater Jacob – Fruit & Herbs skillfully combines a fruit liqueur with a herbal liqueur and can convince with its fine orange aroma. We like it especially with hearty food - I'm sure you will too!
It is worth trying. Promised.

In our Pater Jacob, aromas of cardamom, blood orange, caraway, lemon, clove and bitter orange are successfully combined. This noble liqueur is rounded off by storage in wooden barrels, which gives the finished specialty its very special character.

Alcohol content: 40.00%

St. Benno - Mysterious 21

21 exciting ingredients ensure that our St. Benno is great both in large groups and in private at home. Arnica and ginger meet orange flavors, peppermint, cinnamon, cloves and more. A special liqueur with a mysterious aftertaste.

Alcohol content: 35.00%

Äbtissin Marie - Fruity cherry

This fine liqueur from the Wöltingerode monastery lives from the taste of sun-ripened cherries and a fine almond note, which gives our specialty Äbtissin Marie a special depth. The elegant taste is rounded off by storage in the in-house oak barrel store.

Alcohol content: 30.00%

Edel Bitter - original stomach bitter

Fresh meadow and forest herbs are processed for this brandy with a fine bitter note. The combination of regional wheat, home-grown barley malt and fresh spring water creates a lasting taste experience that is further refined by storing our Edel Bitter in wooden barrels.

Alcohol content: 40.00%

St. Nikolaus® – Warming cinnamon

Festive liqueur specialty
with exotic cinnamon

St. Nikolaus® - Warming Cinnamon - Exotic and yet for centuries inseparable from the domestic winter season: This spirit can be seen and tasted not only at Christmas. The noble, warm cinnamon flavor combines in this liqueur with the best Harz ingredients. This makes it perfect for cozy nights by the fireplace.

Alcohol content: 25.00%

Apricot croatzberry – summer liqueur

Apricot meets blackberry - if that doesn't sound like a successful combination. Enjoyed on ice, this seasonally limited liqueur sweetens balmy summer evenings with a very special touch based on real craftsmanship and regional ingredients.

Alcohol content: 25.00%

Cita Lemon Liqueur

Discover the sparkling side of the Harz Mountains! In this fruity-fresh lemon liqueur, our traditional Wöltingeroder fine brandy is combined with an exotic touch that makes you want to spend long evenings, good friends and refreshing drinks with a citrus kick.

Alcohol content: 20.00%
Content: 0.5 liters

Eierlei – Creamy eggnog

Our Eierlei - egg liqueur is a true taste experience with a creamy texture and a mild sweetness. Made from fresh eggs and our own distilled alcohol from the monastery distillery Wöltingerode in the Harz Mountains, this liqueur combines the best of the egg to a unique moment of pleasure.

Alcohol content: 20.00%
Content: 0.5 liters

Wilde Hilde – elderflower liqueur

Wild Hilde - elderflower liqueur! Our elderflower liqueur is so wild that it even changes names sometimes. The Wild Holler is history for now, but the "Wild Hilde" is back in action.
Elderberry bushes used to be said to be the homes of good spirits. Today the good genie is much more likely to be found in a bottle. Because the traditional production, regional ingredients and the sweet aroma of fresh elderflowers make our Wild Holler something very special. Enjoy the elderflower liqueur from Wöltingerode.


1682 noble gin

Home-related spirits have been distilled in the Wöltingerode monastery since 1682. To this day, the monastery distillery relies on regional ingredients and real craftsmanship. The new noble gin 1682 seamlessly continues the long tradition of the house. At the same time, it opens up spaces for new tastes.

Alcohol content: 45.00%

The Spiritual Fine Hazelnut

For this specialty we have combined the aroma of regional hazelnuts with the unmistakable taste of Wöltingeroder Feinbrandes. The result: a balanced, full-bodied spirit with real resin character. A real discovery for spirits fans and everyone who loves it nutty. Like all spirits from the traditional Wöltingerode monastery distillery, our hazelnut spirit is made with real craftsmanship and a lot of love for the product. This is exactly what makes each bottle something very special.

Alcohol content: 40.00%

Provost Johannes – Original Edelkorn

The foundation, the base. Without the Propst Johannes, the Edelkorn we would not be a traditional distillery today and all the other varieties would not exist.
More than own well water, own wheat, high quality malt and a lot of expertise to handle copper stills is not necessary.
Spindled down to 38% and aged in oak barrels, Propst Johannes doesn't need many words.
A true classic.

We have dedicated the Edel-Korn to Johannes Wapensticker - provost in Wöltingerode from 1697 to 1718.

Alcohol content: 38.00%

Prinzregent Georg – Edelkorn

This Korn specialty is dedicated to the noble family of the Welfen from Lower Saxony. Four English kings and the founding of the monastery chamber in Hanover in 1818 can be traced back to her. The impression of our St. Georg, which has an outstanding bourbon note through the two-year storage in the whiskey cask, is also lasting.

Alcohol content: 38.00%
Content: 0.5 liters

18,50 incl. VAT

Pfefferprinz - Peppermint Liqueur

Who needs big city air when you can have real Harz craftsmanship! Our peppermint liqueur not only looks good on every table in terms of colour. Its naturally fresh taste with the special peppery kick ensures that it is a must-have in any social gathering.

Alcohol content: 20.00%
Content: 0.5 liters

Temporarily unavailable

Der Geistliche - Fine Raspberry

Our fine raspberry sets standards. Only genuine, regional raspberries are processed for this one. Combined with the legendary Wöltingeroder Feinbrand, the result is a fruity and mild product in our series "Der Geistliche". Traditional craftsmanship and love for the product refine each bottle and create a genuine Harz quality product.

Alcohol content: 40.00%

Der Geistliche Blackcurrant

Already knew? The black currant contains 3 times as much vitamin C as a lemon. But the soft fruit is not only convincing in terms of health and well-being, the currant is also a real favorite in terms of taste. Anyone who wants to pour their summery aroma without too much sweetness or artificial additives can reach for this spirit from the "Der Geistliche" series. Real fruits and the Wöltingeroder Feinbrand make them something very special.

Alcohol content: 40.00%

Noble liqueur "Tasty apple strudel"

A great treat all year round, but of course especially when it gets cold outside again:

Snowy paths in winter, long walks – followed by a delicious piece of apple strudel. With this seasonal specialty, you can enjoy that feeling of home and cosiness at home anytime - even when the oven is cold.

Alcohol content: 20.00%

Noble corn "AURUM"

Our Aurum Edel-Korn is a very special treat. Due to its 20 years of oak barrel aging, it is one of our most delicious grain treasures.

Alcohol content: 38.00%
Content: 0.5 liters

59,00 incl. VAT

Schnapps apricot

One thing is clear: real Harz distillery craftsmanship meets the best of the apricot or apricot. A delicious seduction for everyone who loves that certain fruity something. And the start of a whole new product range!

Alcohol content: 34.00%
Content: 0.7 liters

Schnapps pear

This pear schnapps specialty continues our new "Schnaps" series and combines delicious pear aroma with our legendary fine brandy. Not too sweet and still nice and fruity, clear and mild. Really handcrafted, real Wöltingerode. A real pear schnapps for all lovers of pear liqueur and co.

Alcohol content: 34.00%
Content: 0.7 liters