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1682 noble gin


Home-related spirits have been distilled in the Wöltingerode monastery since 1682. To this day, the monastery distillery relies on regional ingredients and real craftsmanship. The new noble gin 1682 seamlessly continues the long tradition of the house. At the same time, it opens up spaces for new tastes.

Alcohol content: 45.00%


Der 1682 Edel-Gin is undoubtedly an outstanding product that impresses not only with its unique roasty and aromatic fragrance. But also by its extraordinary variety of flavors and quality. The fragrance is a real aroma bomb and is harmoniously rounded off by the perfect combination of notes such as juniper berries, bread crust, coconut and hazelnuts.

In addition, a pinch of cookie, orange and rose oil, violet and lavender can also be detected. They give the gin a special touch. A truly sensual experience is completed with the touch of cocoa and a gingerbread spice blend.

Not only by its fragrance and aroma diversity, but also by its awards such as silver at the World Spirit Awards 2023 and at the DLG 2021, the 1682 noble gin stands out.

The taste experience of 1682 Edel-Gin is a harmonious harmony on the palate, where the juniper and fruity notes of apple, raisins and clover bread stand out. The intense chocolate flavor is a true delicacy and is complemented by lavender, violet and carrot green. The dry and dusty texture of the gin enhances the taste experience and contributes to its intense effect.

The monastery gin is based – like all spirits from the house of Wöltingerode – on the legendary Wöltingeroder Feinbrand. In our 45 percent Gin 1682, it is tastefully combined with juniper, coriander, lavender blossom, star anise, cinnamon and elderberry.

  • Type: Gin
  • Origin: Germany
  • Region: D-Harz
  • Distributed by: Cellerar GmbH, Wöltingerode 3, 38690 Goslar

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alcohol content:

45,00 %


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