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Schnapps apricot


One thing is clear: real Harz distillery craftsmanship meets the best of the apricot or apricot. A delicious seduction for everyone who loves that certain fruity something. And the start of a whole new product range!

Alcohol content: 34.00%
Content: 0.7 liters


Schnaps apricot is an exquisite creation from the Harz monastery distillery, which captures the full aroma of the sweet apricot and unfolds it in every sip. The careful selection of the best fruits and the gentle processing result in an incomparable pleasure that delights the senses.

This brandy is perfect as an aperitif or digestif and can also be used wonderfully in cocktails or to enhance desserts and sauces. The apricot gives the brandy a natural sweetness and a wonderful fruit aroma that lingers on the tongue for a long time.

  • Type: Schnapps
  • Origin: Germany
  • Region: D-Harz
  • Distributed by: Cellerar GmbH, Wöltingerode 3, 38690 Goslar

Additional information

Weight 1,14 kg

0.7 liters, Carton 6x 0,7l

alcohol content:

34.00% Vol.


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