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Spirits Advent calendar – Klosterbrennerei Wöltingerode



Experience the festive anticipation in a new dimension with the exclusive spirits Advent calendar from Klosterbrennerei Wöltingerode. This unique calendar contains 20 exquisite mini spirits of 0.02 l each, selected at random by the monastery distillery. Every day of Advent reveals a new delicacy that will tantalize your taste buds.

In addition to the fine wines, you can also expect 4 exciting surprises that round off the overall package perfectly and make the Christmas season a special experience.

Another highlight of this calendar is its sustainability. After you have opened the last door, you can use the bowl of the door as a seedling pot. Simply add some soil, plant seeds of your choice and watch new life emerge. In this way, the calendar becomes an environmentally friendly companion that brings joy far beyond the Advent season.

And best of all, with every purchase you support the library in Vienenburg. 1 euro per calendar sold will be donated to support the promotion of children’s books. Not only will you be giving yourself a treat, but you will also be helping to promote reading and get children interested in books.

This Advent calendar is the ideal gift for spirits lovers and anyone looking for a high-quality and meaningful Advent calendar. Immerse yourself in the world of fine spirits and enjoy the festive season to the full with the spirits Advent calendar from the Wöltingerode monastery distillery.

  • 20x 0,02l spirits
  • 4x other surprises


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