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Berliner Sophie cubes – Mild caraway


25 Proofs why caraway is really good to drink as a liqueur!
Its mild, spicy taste, carefully selected ingredients and traditional production make our Berliner Sophie so popular. A timeless classic!


Die Berliner Sophie Cube – Mild Caraway cube pack is a perfect combination of tradition and taste. With 25 vials of 0.02 liters, this pack is ideal for enjoyment at home or on the go.

The Mild Caraway Liqueur, is a real favorite from Wöltingerode. Its selected ingredients such as anise, fennel and caraway give its unique flavor.

The small vials are perfectly portioned to enjoy Mild Caraway in appropriate quantities. Whether after a meal, as a digestif or simply in between – the Berlin Sophie Mild Caraway is a treat for all the senses.

The cube pack is also great as a gift for friends or family. Packaged in an attractive box, it is not only a culinary experience, but also a beautiful reminder of the tradition and history of Berlin.

Try the Berliner Sophie Würfel Milder Kümmel cube pack now and be enchanted by its unique taste and charm.

  • Type: Liqueur, 25x 0,02l
  • Origin: Germany
  • Region: D-Harz
  • Distributed by: Cellerar GmbH, Wöltingerode 3, 38690 Goslar


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