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Pluum Plum Liqueur


Do you fancy something completely different for a change? Something fruity with that extra bit of flavor?
We would like to present you a new product, which fulfills exactly this! And a fruity plum liqueur is of course not only a classic but above all very fruity – only the certain extra is missing!
Those who know Wöltingerode also know and love (in the vast majority of cases) our Berlin Sophie, the “Mild Caraway”. And the great popularity is what gave us the idea to give him an opportunity to develop once completely new.

Now it finally exists: The Pluum – with the best of the plum and the best of the caraway.
Curious? -> Understandable!

The new plum liqueur from Wöltingerode is not only a real hit in autumn. In addition to a late summer sweetness, it brings that certain something and surprises with the warm, spicy aroma of caraway and akvavit. Perfect for everyone who likes to refine the special moments in life with real craftsmanship.

Alcohol content: 20.00%
Content: 0.5 liters



Type: Liqueur
Origin: Germany
Region: D-Harz
Distributed by: Cellerar GmbH, Wöltingerode 3, 38690 Goslar

Additional information

Weight 0,92 kg

0.5 liters

alcohol content:

20.00% Vol.


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